Steering Committe and Faculty


‌Prof. Richard Grant, Geography & Sustainable Development

Professor Grant is a native of Ireland and received his BA from University College Dublin. He went on to receive an MA from University of Illinois and a PhD in Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Professor Grant’s interests are in urban and regional development, urbanization in the Global South and cities in Africa.  His regional interests include South Florida, Accra, Ghana as well as Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.  Grant is a professor of Geography & Sustainable Development at UM and a Senior Research Scientist at the Earth Institute, Columbia University where he works on the Millennium City Initiatives in Ghana.

The Urban Studies Program is managed by a Director and a Steering Committee. The Committee is a multi-disciplinary group of faculty from Arts & Sciences with representation from the School of Architecture and the School of Business.

For questions about the program and advising, please contact the Director.

  • George Gonzalez, Political Science
  • Shouraseni Sen Roy, Geography
  • Traci Ardren, Anthropology
  • Alejandro Portes, School of Law
  • George Wilson, Sociology
  • Sonia Chao, Architecture
  • Jean-Francois Le Jeune, Architecture
  • Sonia Chao, Architecture
  • Mary Lindemann, History
  • David Luis-Brown, English
  • Michael Miller, History
  • Nicholas Patricios, Architecture
  • Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Architecture
  • Scott Brown, Public Health
  • Dexter Callender, Religious Studies